I cannot help but wonder if John H. Findorff could have ever imagined how many lives he and his legacy would impact after opening the Company’s original office and planing mill at South Bedford in Madison, Wis. I am certain John would have been humbled by the fact his commitment to craftsmanship inspired many of the finest buildings and skylines throughout the Midwest. Each decade of Findorff’s history represents our evolution in construction, ranging from industrial advancements in the roaring twenties to emerging technologies at the cusp of the 21st century and beyond.

This exciting time for our Madison and Milwaukee offices would not be possible without the customers, suppliers, subcontractors, employees, and communities we have worked with over the years. Each continues to bring us incredible talent, knowledge, and character. That being said, we not only created this site to celebrate Findorff’s 125th anniversary, but also to thank those who have been part of our journey.

As we move forward and build upon our past, we look to the future with much excitement alongside our evolving projects, growing staff, and promising ties.

Dave Beck-Engel